Ronan’s Way

Whether you are looking to increase your step count after a long drive, or to work up an appetite for “a good feed”, there is a great little walk that runs around the perimeter of our golf course, we named it Ronan’s Way. Yes, you guessed it – the family were thrilled to welcome a first grandson into the world in 2019 and what better way to mark his arrival than to create a gentle walk named after him.

The full trail is approximately 4 km and provides views of the surrounding golf course, river and open countryside beyond where the old WW2 airfield once occupied the adjoining land. You can vary the length by taking the long avenue that runs up the middle of the course making it a 1.75 Km walk.

The path takes you along the riverbank, past the chefs garden, through the tree canopy, open fairways and of course there are few “sheughs” to follow! (Ulster Scots word meaning “ditch” or water filled drain).

  • Please start at the patio, always walk the path in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Be aware of stray golf balls when going around the back of the first green.
  • Keep dogs under control and off the greens.
  • Pick up poop and use poop bins for all litter.
  • Golfers have right of way on the tees, so please be quiet as they tee off.
  • Have fun and enjoy the peace and nature.