Dog Friendly


Dog friendly

We are a dog friendly establishment.
Your loyal friend needs a vacation too!

Up to two dogs may stay in your room £20.00 for one dog and £30.00 for two.

We really appreciate our many good dog owners that stay with us but unfortunately we have had to make some terms and conditions.

1. Dogs must be on a lead at all times within main building and around bedrooms.
2. Dogs must be cleaned and smelling fresh – heavy doggy smells will not be allowed in the main building and incur an extra cleaning charge in room.
3. Dogs on heat or shedding hair cannot stay with us.
4. Barking or whining dogs will be asked to leave the main building.
5. Dogs cannot be left unattended in their rooms unless in their regular sleeping cage during a meal.
6. The housekeepers will access your bedroom daily so dogs cannot be left unattended during the day.
7. To dine with your dog – please come to reception first and check if there is a table available in the tiled area for you to sit. During busy periods it is not always possible to dine with your dog if there is no table available.
8. Maximum of two dogs at a table at any time.
9. Please check your room on arrival and report if any noticeable pre- existing damage. Your room will be inspected on check out and any new damage charged.
10. Dogs must not sit directly on any furniture within the main building or in your bedroom- if dog hairs found on sheets or mattresses an extra cleaning charge will be incurred.
11. Lifting Poop- You must be in attendance with your dog when it is let outside to lift poop

  • Unable to sell room due to heavy dog smell £100.00
  • Hairs on mattresses or bedroom furniture £50.00
  • Damage to woodwork through chewing or scratching £100.00
  • Ripped or damaged curtains £100.00